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  1. Photo of Anthony Hemingway

    Anthony Hemingway Director

  2. Photo of John Ridley

    John Ridley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aaron McGruder

    Aaron McGruder Screenplay

  4. Photo of John B. Holway

    John B. Holway Screenplay

  5. Photo of Terrence Howard

    Terrence Howard Cast

  6. Photo of Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Cast

  7. Photo of Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston Cast

  8. Photo of Tristan Wilds

    Tristan Wilds Cast

  9. Photo of Lee Tergesen

    Lee Tergesen Cast

  10. Photo of Method Man

    Method Man Cast

  11. Photo of Andre Royo

    Andre Royo Cast

  12. Photo of Nate Parker

    Nate Parker Cast

  13. Photo of Elijah Kelley

    Elijah Kelley Cast

  14. Photo of Ne-Yo

    Ne-Yo Cast

  15. Photo of Leslie Odom Jr.

    Leslie Odom Jr. Cast

  16. Photo of Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips Cast

  17. Photo of Daniela Ruah

    Daniela Ruah Cast

  18. Photo of Matthew Marsh

    Matthew Marsh Cast

  19. Photo of Barnaby Kay

    Barnaby Kay Cast

  20. Photo of Josh Dallas

    Josh Dallas Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Lindley

    Michael Lindley Cast

  22. Photo of Okezie Morro

    Okezie Morro Cast

  23. Photo of Aml Ameen

    Aml Ameen Cast

  24. Photo of John B. Aronson

    John B. Aronson Cinematography

  25. Photo of Terence Blanchard

    Terence Blanchard Music

  26. Photo of Michael Carlin

    Michael Carlin Production Design

  27. Photo of Nick Palmer

    Nick Palmer Production Design

  28. Photo of Rick McCallum

    Rick McCallum Producer

  29. Photo of Ales Komárek

    Ales Komárek Producer

  30. Photo of Chas. Floyd Johnson

    Chas. Floyd Johnson Executive Producer

  31. Photo of George Lucas

    George Lucas Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Ben Burtt

    Ben Burtt Editing

  33. Photo of Michael O'Halloran

    Michael O'Halloran Editing