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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Redacted

    The movie: nothing special. The reviews from the cadre of DePalma worshipers: hilarious.

  2. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Redacted

    DePalma is at his best when he is rejecting the public's notion of what it means to be a "DePalma film". Here he does just that and dives head first into political commentary and biting satire of the media. It's not for everyone, but I kind of loved it!

  3. J0NS's rating of the film Redacted

  4. misu's rating of the film Redacted

  5. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Redacted

    Unrelentingly ugly and caustic without earning angriness.

  6. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Redacted

    For years, I wondered why the Cahiers du Cinéma chose this film as the best picture of 2008. Now I know. Masterpiece.

  7. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Redacted

    I get what De Palma tried to achieve. Stick to the point of view and make it seen as if a renowned director had no hand in making this movie, to make a movie like an amateur - staying true. However, as said by Kirk Lazarus "Never go full retard".

  8. Bruce Carter's rating of the film Redacted

    It will be interesting to see how society views the Iraq invasion in 50 years time.

  9. Renton47's rating of the film Redacted

    A bold film, one I'm conflicted on but respect. The amateur style is warranted but not enough to rise it from its shortcomings, namely that it doesn't fulfill on its premise which seems to be that the proliferation of digital image will not bring us closer to transparency or elusive terms like 'justice'. At least that might be the point, I'm unsure. Bit on-the-nose but admirably perhaps the angriest Iraq war film.

  10. Oliver Page's rating of the film Redacted

    For my money, De Palma's worst film. It's a miserable, emotionally manipulative mess of bad ideas.

  11. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Redacted

    If "Casualties of War" is one of the biggest fails in de Palma's career, "Redacted" it is his redemption.A different war, same problem (as matter of fact, two problems, the first one is how he shows the brutality of the army and the second one a girl violation and the army's resistance to that fact).You have another thing new in this film, the way he combines different types of images (thing that Romero will do too).

  12. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Redacted

    A bit on the cheesy end, but makes the point: please take your troops back home.

  13. Aaron Anaya's rating of the film Redacted

    This is not a very good film although it's better than it's reputation. The idea of overlapping mockumentaries is a great one that I'm sure it will be used very well in the future, but here it really seems to do nothing accept suggest there are more than one perspective to a conflict. This film also exploits a real life mass murder as its centerpiece and it really does have enough insight on the war to justify it.

  14. Clay_Carter's rating of the film Redacted

    That churning in your stomach means you just finished the psuedo-documentary "Redacted". This disparagingly sloppy composition does little to exalt veracity or condemn atrocity because tacking photos as an epilogue only inflates a bloated agenda and escorts art into the camp of poorly acted propaganda. I suggest you watch a real film, an actual documentary, like Alex Gibney's "Taxi to the Dark Side".

  15. wilted's rating of the film Redacted

    Every character fell right in line with cliches and the acting was too hammy. The beginning gave a surprisingly human look at the soldiers in their bunks talking into the handycam, it's too bad the movie didn't use this to take a more nuanced approach instead of devolving into clearly defined "these are the good guys, root for them, these are the bad guys, hate them". A movie more concerned with agenda than story.

  16. David R Williams's rating of the film Redacted

    An important subject horribly mishandled by De Palma. It's too clean, too pretty and even in its more frenzied moments, too polite. I believed what the film was saying but didn't believe the film. If that makes sense.

  17. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Redacted

    A very heavy-handed look at one story from the Iraq war. The best part of it all was the real feeling you got from seeing the day-to-day aspects of the soldiers.

  18. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Redacted

    Generally, Brian De Palma doesn't give a fuck about verisimilitude: his images are consciously images, hence this mash-up of old war movie cliches and new digital media, with the realities of 21st century combat residing in there somewhere. It's a brilliant, provocative concept, and the execution can't keep up. But it deserves to be seen. None of the other Movie Brats were doing anything this ballsy circa 2007.

  19. John Crawford's rating of the film Redacted

    This has good structure in the screenplay. Ho-Hum.

  20. jamesey's rating of the film Redacted

    I don't get how internet ratings on imdb and rotten tomatoes are so low. This film is full of interesting characters and an intense situation. I'm curious if the further away in time we get from the wars, if this film will start receiving higher ratings.

  21. DJ Summitt's rating of the film Redacted

    Absolutely incredible. Not the feel-good-movie of the summer but a real tour de force from De Palma. A few contrivances at the end but not so egregious to derail the previous 85 minutes.

  22. Julian Renard's rating of the film Redacted

    My first Brian de Palma. The least I can say is that I'm not disappointed! The fascinating theme of Iraq's war is explored through various lenses. Each media has its own set of technical, political and ethical rules. Pretty violent, the rough details of the war are offered by De Palma himself, closing the loop with his own lens. Astonishing, questioning and esthetic in a bothering way: that makes 5 stars for me

  23. Daniel Spiegel's rating of the film Redacted

    I cannot decide if this is an amateurish view of a serious subject or a serious investigation in an amateurish film. If you have any appreciation of camera placement and how narratives can be revealed from a lens, you probably will find this film boring. It could have provided a powerful dialogue about truth and perspective, but it ends up being an obvious parody of itself.

  24. Dennis Morgan's rating of the film Redacted

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