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Ratings & Reviews

  1. apfischer's rating of the film Redland

    Those who see will see, those who are blind, will remain blind. A masterpiece worth seeing.

  2. TallGuyCM's rating of the film Redland

    The trailer for this made it look SO good. What a self-important, pretentious mess. You have a storyline that becomes more and more unfocused, and instead of resolving it how you should, you throw in intermittent meditative nature shots to maintain the appearance of being meaningful. Don't bother with this one.

  3. Leilani Holmes's rating of the film Redland

    Simple slow paced poetry from beginning to end, it is a beautiful, primal, mythical, look at the circle of life and nature and in particular human nature and spirituality. So far it’s my favourite truly indie film. I've seen little else to compare with it. It sort of sank into me and now lives in my bones.