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  1. Photo of William Forest Crouch

    William Forest Crouch Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Irwin Winehouse

    Irwin Winehouse Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louis Jordan

    Louis Jordan Cast

  4. Photo of June Richmond

    June Richmond Cast

  5. Photo of Milton Woods

    Milton Woods Cast

  6. Photo of Bea Griffith

    Bea Griffith Cast

  7. Photo of David Bethea

    David Bethea Cast

  8. Photo of Lorenzo Tucker

    Lorenzo Tucker Cast

  9. Photo of Vanita Smythe

    Vanita Smythe Cast

  10. Photo of Mable Lee

    Mable Lee Cast

  11. Photo of Dots Johnson

    Dots Johnson Cast

  12. Photo of Pat Rainey

    Pat Rainey Cast

  13. Photo of Rudy Toombs

    Rudy Toombs Cast

  14. Photo of J. Louis Johnson

    J. Louis Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Joe Lillard

    Joe Lillard Cast

  16. Photo of Patricia Anderson

    Patricia Anderson Cast

  17. Photo of Don Malkames

    Don Malkames Cinematography

  18. Photo of Berle Adams

    Berle Adams Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Robert M. Savini

    Robert M. Savini Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Leonard Anderson

    Leonard Anderson Editing

  21. Photo of Nelson Minnerly

    Nelson Minnerly Sound