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  1. Photo of André Klotzel

    André Klotzel Director

  2. Photo of André Klotzel

    André Klotzel Producer

  3. Photo of José Antônio de Souza

    José Antônio de Souza Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ulrich Burtin

    Ulrich Burtin Cinematography

  5. Photo of Ana Lúcia Torre

    Ana Lúcia Torre Cast

  6. Photo of Marcos Cesana

    Marcos Cesana Cast

  7. Photo of Germano Haiut

    Germano Haiut Cast

  8. Photo of Zecarlos Machado

    Zecarlos Machado Cast

  9. Photo of Selton Mello

    Selton Mello Cast

  10. Photo of Aramis Trindade

    Aramis Trindade Cast

  11. Photo of Leticia Giffoni

    Leticia Giffoni Editing

  12. Photo of Mario Manga

    Mario Manga Music

  13. Photo of Ricardo Costa

    Ricardo Costa Sound

  14. Photo of Bruno Croda

    Bruno Croda Sound

  15. Photo of Lísia Faccin

    Lísia Faccin Sound

  16. Photo of Sergio Guidoux Kalil

    Sergio Guidoux Kalil Sound

  17. Photo of Felipe Burger Marques

    Felipe Burger Marques Sound

  18. Photo of José Luiz Sasso

    José Luiz Sasso Sound

  19. Photo of Chrístian Vaisz

    Chrístian Vaisz Sound