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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Déjà Vu

    It's alarming that Yugoslavian film is not being restored, at least to my knowledge. Kudos to houses such as Second Run for their Czech and Hungarian contributions, amongst others, Arrow for their Borowczyk box set, not to mention a library, meanwhile Criterion- Cohen bros blu-ray?... Scholar, investor, and/or lover: unify and step up to the plate, and serve the world what it's sadly missing: Yugoslavian cinema.

  2. Rene Maurin's rating of the film Déjà Vu

    This is a brilliant film with a brilliant cast. Mujo proves again to represent the pinnacle of Yugoslav actors ... It suggestively portraits the vicious circle of violence and injustice restarted by the communist revolution. Again it makes me wonder how it was filmed under the Communist rule ... And again it makes me sad there seem to be no restored copies of fundamental films of Yugoslav cinema.

  3. Mario Gaborović's rating of the film Déjà Vu

    No other director has done so many successful movies like Goran Marković. And yet, Kusturica and Makavejev are far more popular abroad. I guess the cultural differences are to be blame for this. "Vec vidjeno" sums up a whole destiny of Balkan nations, referring to the vicious circle of violence that never stops and breaks out every 50 years. The environment makes ordinary man a crazy lunatic who kills people around.