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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Giulia Galbarini's rating of the film Regrets

    Oh, sinner man, where you gonna run to?

  2. Gonçalo Sá's rating of the film Regrets

    "Amour fou" plays cat and mouse. A shaky, yet ultimately effective game. More Valeria Bruni Tedeschi would make it even better, though.

  3. honovic's rating of the film Regrets

    a film with theme and characters full of contradictions and conflicting emotions. it pulls on the strings of each character as much as it does the viewer, demanding us to either root or damn their affair.

  4. Tzctaute's rating of the film Regrets

    I think only the French can make an affair look this desirable and excruciating. It is almost an art form, but beware of the consequences. I really enjoyed, full of cliches but the tension is there.