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  1. Photo of Mirosław Baka

    Mirosław Baka Cast

  2. Photo of Aleksandra Niespielak

    Aleksandra Niespielak Cast

  3. Photo of Lukasz Garlicki

    Lukasz Garlicki Cast

  4. Photo of Julia Rzepecka

    Julia Rzepecka Cast

  5. Photo of Krzysztof Pieczyński

    Krzysztof Pieczyński Cast

  6. Photo of Marek Cichucki

    Marek Cichucki Cast

  7. Photo of Janusz Chabior

    Janusz Chabior Cast

  8. Photo of Artur Dziurman

    Artur Dziurman Cast

  9. Photo of Wladyslaw Pasikowski

    Wladyslaw Pasikowski Director