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  1. Photo of Rob Bowman

    Rob Bowman Director

  2. Photo of Gregg Chabot

    Gregg Chabot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kevin Peterka

    Kevin Peterka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Matt Greenberg

    Matt Greenberg Screenplay

  5. Photo of Christian Bale

    Christian Bale Cast

  6. Photo of Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey Cast

  7. Photo of Izabella Scorupco

    Izabella Scorupco Cast

  8. Photo of Gerard Butler

    Gerard Butler Cast

  9. Photo of Scott Moutter

    Scott Moutter Cast

  10. Photo of David Kennedy

    David Kennedy Cast

  11. Photo of Alexander Siddig

    Alexander Siddig Cast

  12. Photo of Ned Dennehy

    Ned Dennehy Cast

  13. Photo of Rory Keenan

    Rory Keenan Cast

  14. Photo of Terence Maynard

    Terence Maynard Cast

  15. Photo of Doug Cockle

    Doug Cockle Cast

  16. Photo of Randall Carlton

    Randall Carlton Cast

  17. Photo of Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly Cast

  18. Photo of Ben Thornton

    Ben Thornton Cast

  19. Photo of Alice Krige

    Alice Krige Cast

  20. Photo of Malcolm Douglas

    Malcolm Douglas Cast

  21. Photo of Dessie Gallagher

    Dessie Gallagher Cast

  22. Photo of Duncan Keegan

    Duncan Keegan Cast

  23. Photo of Laura Pyper

    Laura Pyper Cast

  24. Photo of David Garrick

    David Garrick Cast

  25. Photo of Adrian Biddle

    Adrian Biddle Cinematography

  26. Photo of Ed Shearmur

    Ed Shearmur Music

  27. Photo of Brad Wagner

    Brad Wagner Music

  28. Photo of Wolf Kroeger

    Wolf Kroeger Production Design

  29. Photo of Gary Barber

    Gary Barber Producer

  30. Photo of Roger Birnbaum

    Roger Birnbaum Producer

  31. Photo of Lili Fini Zanuck

    Lili Fini Zanuck Producer

  32. Photo of Richard D. Zanuck

    Richard D. Zanuck Producer

  33. Photo of Jonathan Glickman

    Jonathan Glickman Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Declan McGrath

    Declan McGrath Editing

  35. Photo of Thom Noble

    Thom Noble Editing

  36. Photo of Patrick Dodd

    Patrick Dodd Sound

  37. Photo of Leslie Shatz

    Leslie Shatz Sound

  38. Photo of Jon Olive

    Jon Olive Sound

  39. Photo of Joan Bergin

    Joan Bergin Costume Design