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  1. Jake Davis's rating of the film Remainder

  2. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Remainder

  3. smndvdcl's rating of the film Remainder

    Postmodern novels are some of the hardest to adapt. The hope is to subvert linearity without propelling head-on into the unwieldy avant-garde. Like trying to adapt a Wallace, Franzen or Pynchon novel, this project is just out of reach for an ambitious low-budget project.

  4. João Portalegre's rating of the film Remainder

    I want to give this -1 star for making me need to get the guts to keep on watching it without being able to sit through five consecutive minutes. it's just like antonioni's blow-up, except that one made a lot more sense and was just generally very well made. this is just about a guy that's an asshole (though no one recognizes it) and tries to prove a pseudo-intellectual point by being an asshole.

  5. Charlotte Tillieux's rating of the film Remainder

    It doesn't really make any sense, and not in a good way. Acting performances are poor and the narrative is uninteresting..I wish I had read the book instead.

  6. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Remainder

    Tom McCarthy's eponymous novel is a masterpiece. Alas, this adaptation simplifies & dilutes the original story relying on a narrative gimmick (the loop) to inject some (weak) coherence. An unfortunate decision. Denis Villeneuve took Saramago's "O Homem Duplicado" and transformed it into something incredible (Enemy). Fast just wasted a great opportunity. I hope that Satin Island will be directed by someone else.

  7. Rūta Švedkauskaitė's rating of the film Remainder

    Designed to make you feel annoyed.