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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jason's rating of the film Rembrandt Laughing

    A paradox of lightness and heaviness. Rembrandt is a film nursed-out over time w/ friends. It is infused with love and wisdom. All luminous lives are absorbed back into the solar One. The film begins w/ a recited / cited text pertaining to Rembrandt's insight into the finitude-strengthening concept of the infinite. Jost leaves us w/ death, life after death (as it is), and discovers a glorious analogue for laughter.

  2. Beth Levin's rating of the film Rembrandt Laughing

    ...a many- layered and textured film of serious hilarity and depth. As a musician I enjoyed the organic free composed music as well as the perfect use of late Beethoven. Visually always stays with you...

  3. Aflwydd's rating of the film Rembrandt Laughing

    Who submitted this? When I search for Jon Heder, the only person that pops us is the guy who starred in Napoleon Dynamite.

  4. Jon Jost's rating of the film Rembrandt Laughing

    A little correction on the bio up there - three weeks ago I quit my job as professor at Yonsei. So I am back to the far more familiar realm of unemployed, scrambling to cover the minimalist needs. Anyone who can offer a workshop/screening (or buy a DVD) see to contact. Or check out blogs and