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  1. chaotic femme's rating of the film Remember

    Highly engaging plot! Thoroughly enjoyable with lots to think about afterwards

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film Remember

    Tightly scripted and delivered film on remembrance that thrives on the Nazi criminal manhunts systematized largely by Jewish holocaust survivors or their relatives, this has the advantage of a great performance by Christopher Plummer that makes even the hard-to-believe revelation plausible and moving. Without any dramatic pyrotechnics, this is a methodical and serious meditation on History's traces and traumas.

  3. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Remember

    Interesting post noir attempt, that sometimes works but often doesn’t feel fully handled with the real technique that this kind of cinema needs. Plummer is great but the film doesn’t totally earn its major twist, which is a good one. Frankly it made to much "sense" up top for the film to have such a large twist.

  4. ARNMG's rating of the film Remember

  5. Dave's rating of the film Remember

    One where I wish I could give half ratings, as this would be a 3.5. I'm still making sense of how I feel about the much-maligned "manipulation" but there is no denying the power of Plummer's performance or the atmosphere that Egoyan manages to create as Zev continues his journey.

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Remember

    He's on a mission from God. A kind of impossible mission, if you will. To kill a Nazi, but not just any Nazi. An SS officer. And this journey will be one of self-discovery, despite having some Memento mori moments.

  7. Luca Di Gianni's rating of the film Remember

  8. FISCHER's rating of the film Remember

    Après son déplorable film précédent, Egoyan a repris en partie ses esprits, déléguant à son personnage principal, interprété par Christopher Plummer, son énergique quête de la mémoire, cette fois-ci bien loin des racines arméniennes, mais dans les tréfonds de l'Holocauste qui risque de se retrouver bientôt aux bans de l'oubli avec la disparition des derniers représentants de l'abomination

  9. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Remember

    We are the last living survivors from our prison block. Besides me, you are the only person who could still recognize the man who killed our families.

  10. matelot's rating of the film Remember

  11. "Mother" Gin Sling's rating of the film Remember

  12. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Remember

    To Forgive or to Not Forget, that's the question. A very good screenplay. With Bruno Ganz. Recommended.

  13. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Remember

  14. James Mackin's rating of the film Remember

    A decent Hitchcockian thriller with a predictable twist. It's a slightly better version of Harry Brown, with more Nazis.

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Remember

    Despite its' ridiculous and unbelievable conclusion there are many pleasures to be taken in this dubious effort by Egoyan. The scripting is weak but the lead turn by Christopher Plummer as the Alzheimer's afflicted would-be hitman is quite extraordinary. Solid camerawork by Paul Sarossy making the most of Ontario locations. Unfortunately the Egoyan drought is not quite over yet.

  16. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Remember

    Christopher Plummer should win an Oscar for this. Some critics have called it manipulative and borderline exploitation but I think what this film achieves is exactly what Hitchcock did so well and what this film resembles, in the best sense. Without a doubt, Egoyan's best film in years.

  17. Stanislav Lukianov's rating of the film Remember

  18.'s rating of the film Remember

    Plummer was GREAT! and.... twisty!

  19. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Remember

    Even dealing with a few narrative gaps, Mr. Egoyan sets up the adequate nail-biting tone to spare us from boredom.

  20. Cinemaficionado's rating of the film Remember

    A pretty interesting road movie until the soap opera ending. One of the dumbest and most manipulative twists in a movie since Identity. It's too bad it ends so badly, because Plummer is as good as always and the story is so captivating. I just wish it was a bit more substantive.

  21.'s rating of the film Remember

    Atom Egoyan hat einmal bereitwillig zugegeben, dass seine Filme mehr und mehr an Erfolg einbüssen. Remember ist für mich der Beweis, dass ihm diese Tatsache nicht allzu schaffen macht. Immerhin handelt es sich um ein kolportagehaftes Psychodrama über die Suche nach einem Nazi Verbrecher... mehr auf

  22. Kamran's rating of the film Remember

    A fascinating exploration of memory and identity bolstered by a riveting performance from Christopher Plummer. 80/100 - Great.

  23. Beatrice Lorenzini's rating of the film Remember