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  1. Photo of Sam Wood

    Sam Wood Director

  2. Photo of Herbert O. Yardley

    Herbert O. Yardley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bella Spewack

    Bella Spewack Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sam Spewack

    Sam Spewack Screenplay

  5. Photo of P.J. Wolfson

    P.J. Wolfson Screenplay

  6. Photo of George Oppenheimer

    George Oppenheimer Screenplay

  7. Photo of William Powell

    William Powell Cast

  8. Photo of Rosalind Russell

    Rosalind Russell Cast

  9. Photo of Binnie Barnes

    Binnie Barnes Cast

  10. Photo of Lionel Atwill

    Lionel Atwill Cast

  11. Photo of Cesar Romero

    Cesar Romero Cast

  12. Photo of Samuel S. Hinds

    Samuel S. Hinds Cast

  13. Photo of Henry Stephenson

    Henry Stephenson Cast

  14. Photo of Frank Reicher

    Frank Reicher Cast

  15. Photo of Charley Grapewin

    Charley Grapewin Cast

  16. Photo of Leonard Mudie

    Leonard Mudie Cast

  17. Photo of Howard C. Hickman

    Howard C. Hickman Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Trowbridge

    Charles Trowbridge Cast

  19. Photo of Murray Kinnell

    Murray Kinnell Cast

  20. Photo of William H. Daniels

    William H. Daniels Cinematography

  21. Photo of James Wong Howe

    James Wong Howe Cinematography

  22. Photo of William Axt

    William Axt Music

  23. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  24. Photo of William K. Howard

    William K. Howard Producer and Director

  25. Photo of Lawrence Weingarten

    Lawrence Weingarten Producer

  26. Photo of Hugh Wynn

    Hugh Wynn Editing

  27. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound