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  1. marlonbrandodepressed's rating of the film Renegade

  2. rOteus's rating of the film Renegade

    Interesting movie: not monumental or fundamental but the plot is well developed and even if the special effects are overpowering, the intoxication storyline keep me high all time long; the hangover is bitter but mind-blasting!

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film Renegade

    Incredibly complex and immaculately executed visions of drug-induced other-worldly terror aside, this is a pretty average film. If the director's "trip" visuals were not included, this adaptation would have been a pretty boring story. To be honest, nothing much happens. It's a half hour story stretched much longer. That being said, the performances were great and there were some [visually] incredible sequences.

  4. Sean's rating of the film Renegade

    Kounen's direction is amazing, the visuals in this film are stunning as is direction. Loved Madsen, he's so good at playing a badass, hard not to take your eyes off of Juliette Lewis, damn good actress. Cassel was alright, nothing special. Great visual experience.

  5. nefolk's rating of the film Renegade

    Amazing psychedelic western, also among my top 5 cinematic experiences visually. Once you realize the symbolism of it all, the battle with inner demons personified in a dire western setting, you cannot help but marvel at the depth. It all ends with water. Wally is the devil. Within, while Mikey... that's you, sir.

  6. mannequinlegs's rating of the film Renegade

  7. Tigrão's rating of the film Renegade

    probably one the most awful and stupid film I've ever seen...