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  1. Photo of Nicolai Zörn

    Nicolai Zörn Cinematography

  2. Photo of Lorenz Haarmann

    Lorenz Haarmann Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jens Pätzold

    Jens Pätzold Cinematography

  4. Photo of Dennis Pauls

    Dennis Pauls Cinematography

  5. Photo of Thomas Ladenburger

    Thomas Ladenburger Cinematography

  6. Photo of Mike Shephard

    Mike Shephard Editing

  7. Photo of Thomas Schrader

    Thomas Schrader Sound

  8. Photo of Oliver Sechting

    Oliver Sechting Sound

  9. Photo of Markus Tiarks

    Markus Tiarks Sound

  10. Photo of Manja Ebert

    Manja Ebert Sound

  11. Photo of Andreas M. Wolter

    Andreas M. Wolter Music

  12. Photo of Rosa von Praunheim

    Rosa von Praunheim Producer, Director, Screenplay

  13. Photo of Sergiu Grimalschi

    Sergiu Grimalschi Cast

  14. Photo of Lutz Volkwein

    Lutz Volkwein Cast

  15. Photo of Wolfgang Werner

    Wolfgang Werner Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Kern

    Peter Kern Cast