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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director

  2. Photo of Yasunari Kawabata

    Yasunari Kawabata Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fumiko Hayashi

    Fumiko Hayashi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ken Uehara

    Ken Uehara Cast

  5. Photo of Setsuko Hara

    Setsuko Hara Cast

  6. Photo of Yukiko Shimazaki

    Yukiko Shimazaki Cast

  7. Photo of Yôko Sugi

    Yôko Sugi Cast

  8. Photo of Akiko Kazami

    Akiko Kazami Cast

  9. Photo of Haruko Sugimura

    Haruko Sugimura Cast

  10. Photo of Ranko Hanai

    Ranko Hanai Cast

  11. Photo of Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi

    Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi Cast

  12. Photo of Keiju Kobayashi

    Keiju Kobayashi Cast

  13. Photo of Akira Ôizumi

    Akira Ôizumi Cast

  14. Photo of Ichirô Shimizu

    Ichirô Shimizu Cast

  15. Photo of Haruo Tanaka

    Haruo Tanaka Cast

  16. Photo of Sô Yamamura

    Sô Yamamura Cast

  17. Photo of Chieko Nakakita

    Chieko Nakakita Cast

  18. Photo of Sayuri Tanima

    Sayuri Tanima Cast

  19. Photo of Mitsue Tachibana

    Mitsue Tachibana Cast

  20. Photo of Kumeko Otowa

    Kumeko Otowa Cast

  21. Photo of Yaeko Izumo

    Yaeko Izumo Cast

  22. Photo of Teruko Nagaoka

    Teruko Nagaoka Cast

  23. Photo of Kumeko Urabe

    Kumeko Urabe Cast

  24. Photo of Hisako Takihana

    Hisako Takihana Cast

  25. Photo of Masao Tamai

    Masao Tamai Cinematography

  26. Photo of Fumio Hayasaka

    Fumio Hayasaka Music

  27. Photo of Sanezumi Fujimoto

    Sanezumi Fujimoto Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Masao Fujiyoshi

    Masao Fujiyoshi Sound