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  1. Photo of Catherine Corsini

    Catherine Corsini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pascale Breton

    Pascale Breton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pierre-Erwan Guillaume

    Pierre-Erwan Guillaume Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marc Syrigas

    Marc Syrigas Screenplay

  5. Photo of Philippe Martin

    Philippe Martin Producer

  6. Photo of Agnès Godard

    Agnès Godard Cinematography

  7. Photo of Pierre Bondu

    Pierre Bondu Music

  8. Photo of Fabrice Dumont

    Fabrice Dumont Music

  9. Photo of Sabine Mamou

    Sabine Mamou Editing

  10. Photo of Emmanuelle Béart

    Emmanuelle Béart Cast

  11. Photo of Pascale Bussières

    Pascale Bussières Cast

  12. Photo of Dani Levy

    Dani Levy Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kalfon

    Jean-Pierre Kalfon Cast

  14. Photo of Sami Bouajila

    Sami Bouajila Cast

  15. Photo of David Kammenos

    David Kammenos Cast

  16. Photo of Marilu Marini

    Marilu Marini Cast

  17. Photo of Clément Hervieu-Léger

    Clément Hervieu-Léger Cast

  18. Photo of Marc Ponette

    Marc Ponette Cast

  19. Photo of Raphaël Neal

    Raphaël Neal Cast

  20. Photo of Sébastien Gorteau

    Sébastien Gorteau Cast

  21. Photo of Daniel Isoppo

    Daniel Isoppo Cast

  22. Photo of Pierre-Loup Rajot

    Pierre-Loup Rajot Cast

  23. Photo of Vincent Macaigne

    Vincent Macaigne Cast

  24. Photo of Ulrik Bolt Jørgensen

    Ulrik Bolt Jørgensen Executive Producer

  25. Photo of François Abelanet

    François Abelanet Production Design

  26. Photo of Louis Collin

    Louis Collin Sound

  27. Photo of Dominique Delguste

    Dominique Delguste Sound

  28. Photo of Thierry Delor

    Thierry Delor Sound

  29. Photo of Jean-Paul Mugel

    Jean-Paul Mugel Sound