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  1. Photo of Darren Lynn Bousman

    Darren Lynn Bousman Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Peter Block

    Peter Block Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Yoshiki

    Yoshiki Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Mark Burg

    Mark Burg Producer

  5. Photo of Daniel Jason Heffner

    Daniel Jason Heffner Producer

  6. Photo of Oren Koules

    Oren Koules Producer

  7. Photo of Carl Mazzocone

    Carl Mazzocone Producer

  8. Photo of Darren Smith

    Darren Smith Screenplay, Music Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Terrance Zdunich

    Terrance Zdunich Screenplay, Executive Producer Music

  10. Photo of Joseph White

    Joseph White Cinematography

  11. Photo of Alexa Vega

    Alexa Vega Cast

  12. Photo of Anthony Stewart Head

    Anthony Stewart Head Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Sorvino

    Paul Sorvino Cast

  14. Photo of Sarah Brightman

    Sarah Brightman Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Moseley

    Bill Moseley Cast

  16. Photo of Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton Cast

  17. Photo of Harvey Rosenstock

    Harvey Rosenstock Editing

  18. Photo of David Hackl

    David Hackl Production Design