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  1. Photo of Sergio Sollima

    Sergio Sollima Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antonio del Amo

    Antonio del Amo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergio Donati

    Sergio Donati Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stewart Granger

    Stewart Granger Cast

  5. Photo of Daniela Bianchi

    Daniela Bianchi Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Van Eyck

    Peter Van Eyck Cast

  7. Photo of Giulio Bosetti

    Giulio Bosetti Cast

  8. Photo of María Granada

    María Granada Cast

  9. Photo of Beni Deus

    Beni Deus Cast

  10. Photo of Luis Induni

    Luis Induni Cast

  11. Photo of Enrique Navarro

    Enrique Navarro Cast

  12. Photo of Franco Andrei

    Franco Andrei Cast

  13. Photo of Wolfgang Hillinger

    Wolfgang Hillinger Cast

  14. Photo of Mirella Pamphili

    Mirella Pamphili Cast

  15. Photo of John Karlsen

    John Karlsen Cast

  16. Photo of Gianni Rizzo

    Gianni Rizzo Cast

  17. Photo of Giorgia Moll

    Giorgia Moll Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  19. Photo of Antonio Pérez Olea

    Antonio Pérez Olea Music

  20. Photo of Alberto Grimaldi

    Alberto Grimaldi Producer

  21. Photo of Francisco Jaumandreu

    Francisco Jaumandreu Editing

  22. Photo of Waltraut Lindenau

    Waltraut Lindenau Editing

  23. Photo of Renato Caldonazzo

    Renato Caldonazzo Sound

  24. Photo of Vittorio Massi

    Vittorio Massi Sound

  25. Photo of Nadia Vitali

    Nadia Vitali Costume Design

  26. Photo of Román Calatayud

    Román Calatayud Art Department

  27. Photo of Teddy Villalba

    Teddy Villalba Art Department