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  1. Photo of Hans-Christian Schmid

    Hans-Christian Schmid Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Bernd Lange

    Bernd Lange Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sandra Hüller

    Sandra Hüller Cast

  4. Photo of Burghart Klaußner

    Burghart Klaußner Cast

  5. Photo of Imogen Kogge

    Imogen Kogge Cast

  6. Photo of Anna Blomeier

    Anna Blomeier Cast

  7. Photo of Nicholas Reinke

    Nicholas Reinke Cast

  8. Photo of Jens Harzer

    Jens Harzer Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Schmidinger

    Walter Schmidinger Cast

  10. Photo of Friederike Adolph

    Friederike Adolph Cast

  11. Photo of Eva Löbau

    Eva Löbau Cast

  12. Photo of Irene Kugler

    Irene Kugler Cast

  13. Photo of Johann Adam Oest

    Johann Adam Oest Cast

  14. Photo of Bogumil Godfrejow

    Bogumil Godfrejow Cinematography

  15. Photo of Christian M. Goldbeck

    Christian M. Goldbeck Production Design

  16. Photo of Ulrike Putz

    Ulrike Putz Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Bernd Schlegel

    Bernd Schlegel Editing

  18. Photo of Hansjörg Weißbrich

    Hansjörg Weißbrich Editing

  19. Photo of Marc Parisotto

    Marc Parisotto Sound