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  1. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Requiem

    Sandra Hüller is incredibly good. And the movie itself would have been actually very good if it weren't for the modern tendency of North European "auteurs" not to use a fucking tripod when shooting, which ends up destroying the suspension of disbelief.

  2. wiwitaek's rating of the film Requiem

    Rewatched and love it. Still as good as the first viewing.

  3. Fabiha's rating of the film Requiem

    “Nobody was able to get through to her. She had no enemies in her life - just the ones from within.”

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  5. Dogville59's rating of the film Requiem

    Brilliant portrayal of the fatal damage done by the misguided belief that a serious mental illness coupled with epilepsy is not physical or psychological but rather is demonic and must be exorcised. As an atheist I found it extremely difficult to watch the damage being done by the religious around the young woman. Well acted and drives the point home of the folly of religion. Truly aptly named "Requiem".

  6. jacbruneau's rating of the film Requiem

    Stylistically this film is awesome and the lead actress incredible but I was a bit let down by the plot: a less-intense incarnation of something like Breaking the Waves (von Trier, 1996) -- devoutly religious, grey skies, a sheltered girl trying to come-of-age under her parents' rule. Lord knows if it's Satan or the stress of a repressive upbringing...

  7. damone88's rating of the film Requiem

    Epilepsy, angst and a Christian conscience is worse than the paranormal demonic possessions and exorsisms of it's amerian genre counterparts. This is horror for the soul. Cannot praise the guts the production making a film relying solely on the epileptic, exhausted, heartaching performance of a brilliant Sandra Hüller in her debut. It's humeur is reminiscent of Haneke, but it's coreography is dancing with Hüller.

  8. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Requiem

    The main character is greatly enigmatic, but the way the movie frames her is not. The visual aspect and the written scenarios are not very compelling at all. Way too "gray" and bleak. Lacks the necessary spaces for the audience to breath. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be realistic and “close to our reality”, but it ends up being very distant.

  9. Buddy Love's rating of the film Requiem

    Not that I'm an expert on demonic possession but I would call this a very understandable and real depiction. Unlike the sensationalized blockbuster The Exorcist which is more about the horror film jaundra shock value and filling seats

  10. yen's rating of the film Requiem

    pretty bland...if it was based on Anneliese Michel's story, I truly think he should've put more considerations on her life afterwards, during her exorcism period

  11. Alessandro Di Fraio's rating of the film Requiem

    Solitamente non adoro i film biografici (passatemi il termine): è quel genere di film che non guardo con piacere e Requiem non ha fatto eccezione, tuttavia è risultato scorrevole e, a conti fatti, un bel film.

  12. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film Requiem

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  14. Natasha Ponomareva's rating of the film Requiem

  15. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Requiem

    The German counterpart of "The exorcism of Emily Rose" but with more emphasis on the family and the human drama. told with lack of grandeur and ostentation, which is not ultimately too impressive, it is a correct approach but the ending was a little anticlimactic for my taste. Sandra Hüller's performance is by far the best of all.