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  1. Photo of Aku Louhimies

    Aku Louhimies Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksi Bardy

    Aleksi Bardy Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mikko Nousiainen

    Mikko Nousiainen Cast

  4. Photo of Laura Malmivaara

    Laura Malmivaara Cast

  5. Photo of Petteri Summanen

    Petteri Summanen Cast

  6. Photo of Matleena Kuusniemi

    Matleena Kuusniemi Cast

  7. Photo of Valtteri Roiha

    Valtteri Roiha Cast

  8. Photo of Irina Björklund

    Irina Björklund Cast

  9. Photo of Samuli Edelmann

    Samuli Edelmann Cast

  10. Photo of Vilma Melasniemi

    Vilma Melasniemi Cast

  11. Photo of Eija Nousiainen

    Eija Nousiainen Cast

  12. Photo of Jaana Järvinen

    Jaana Järvinen Cast

  13. Photo of Pertti Sveholm

    Pertti Sveholm Cast

  14. Photo of Niina Kurkinen

    Niina Kurkinen Cast

  15. Photo of Kirsi Tarvainen

    Kirsi Tarvainen Cast

  16. Photo of Wanda Dubiel

    Wanda Dubiel Cast

  17. Photo of Mac Ahlberg

    Mac Ahlberg Cinematography

  18. Photo of August Jakobsson

    August Jakobsson Cinematography

  19. Photo of Leri Leskinen

    Leri Leskinen Music

  20. Photo of Heli Ilkka

    Heli Ilkka Production Design

  21. Photo of Markus Selin

    Markus Selin Producer

  22. Photo of Jukka Helle

    Jukka Helle Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Samu Heikkilä

    Samu Heikkilä Editing