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  1. Photo of Eva Yébenes

    Eva Yébenes Producer

  2. Photo of José Miguel Ribeiro

    José Miguel Ribeiro Producer

  3. Photo of Nuno Beato

    Nuno Beato Producer, Editing

  4. Photo of Ignacio Benedeti

    Ignacio Benedeti Producer

  5. Photo of Xosé Zapata

    Xosé Zapata Producer

  6. Photo of Ana Mendes

    Ana Mendes Screenplay

  7. Photo of Carlos Cunha

    Carlos Cunha Cinematography

  8. Photo of Diogo Carvalho

    Diogo Carvalho Editing

  9. Photo of Maria João Carvalho

    Maria João Carvalho Editing

  10. Photo of Vanessa Amoedo

    Vanessa Amoedo Editing

  11. Photo of Andrea Allulli

    Andrea Allulli Music

  12. Photo of Paulo Almeida

    Paulo Almeida Sound

  13. Photo of Catarina Romanos

    Catarina Romanos Animation

  14. Photo of Lorenzo Degli’Innocenti

    Lorenzo Degli’Innocenti Animation, Director

  15. Photo of Luis Soares

    Luis Soares Animation