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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Matt Richards's rating of the film Restoration

    I'd expected good things from this tale of family and tradition set within an ailing furniture restoration business. Unfortunately it suffers from a ridiculous relationship arc between the newcomer and the heavily pregnant daughter in law. The plot is the well trodden tradition vs change without adding anything new and the acting whilst passable edges on that of caricature. 2.5 stars

  2. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Restoration

    Fine performances all around. The story and relationships develop (or are revealed) naturally and unhurriedly until, apparently, the desired film length had been reached so a few threads of the tapestry are tied off and we call it good. Not a bad film, though. The end isn't disappointing as much as it seems just another step a story we'll be returning to.

  3. dBainy's rating of the film Restoration

    Many subplots and character developments were lost in translation. General idea was the tug of war between two bastards - the father and son.