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  1. Egoisms's rating of the film Restrepo

    Every soldier except Pemble is stupid, immoral, and deeply unworthy of the responsibility they carry as builders of nations.

  2. BLEIBTREU's rating of the film Restrepo

    The footage is great. I was thinking that the director didn't matter, but I was wrong. The director pulled it together nicely. As for the politics. I appreciate the non-political tone of the movie. But it's really funny to see people comment and say how "sad" the movie is. It's sad because you allow it all to happen. If you live in a democracy, then why is it happening? Hillary Obama Bush who gives a shit

  3. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Restrepo

    Real verite here. Painful to watch.

  4. arif's rating of the film Restrepo

    the real life of soldiers and routine activities!

  5. Orlando Oyola's rating of the film Restrepo

  6. M Klein's rating of the film Restrepo

    Negotiates the fine line between showing respect for the Marines involved and the utter pointlessness of their mission. The local people seem to be stuck in a kind of hell. Not at all surprised they say one thing to the soldiers and do another - how else to survive? The landscape: harsh, beautiful, unforgiving. And this is still going on.

  7. Edward Copeland's rating of the film Restrepo

    An intense documentary that takes you inside a company of soldiers in Afghanistan in a way no footage ever has before.

  8. FailedImitator's rating of the film Restrepo

    Haven't seen this yet, but whenever a documentary claims to look at something "objectively," I most often than not find it extremely dishonest, or shallow, or both. Well, I guess we'll see.

  9. PROKOSCH's rating of the film Restrepo

    That's really tragic -- an immense talent doing extremely important work.

  10. orangey's rating of the film Restrepo

    a couple of frat boys bomb and kill some of the poorest people on the planet....the fact that the documentary focuses only on their "pain" is laughable. living in a ex- communist country I'm pretty used to state propaganda, but at least back then they didn't pretend to do "humanist portrayals' or "capture the heart wrenching experiences", it had an honesty to it. This is just hypocrisy

  11. Sue Denim's rating of the film Restrepo

    Wow. Everything about this hurt.

  12. Kirby's rating of the film Restrepo

    I don't think I've ever seen war this real before. I'm not sure whether I agree with it or not, but it's interesting nonetheless.

  13. Stefano Ponti's rating of the film Restrepo

    Documentary about endless war against shepherds, civilian, militia, in a sovereign country invaded by a bunch of "cowboy" volunteers. Those people should ask: "What am i doing here?", instead of shoot to hundreds meters far targets. Everything without beeing aware of what they are doing or shooting at.

  14. lauli's rating of the film Restrepo

    Good documentary, but I just can't find it in me to sympathize with an invading army...

  15. Erik Villasenor's rating of the film Restrepo

    Restrepo deals with one of the saddest subjects I can think of. Young people killing young people. Humanity destroying itself. This is a grim documentation on the horrors of war and the bonds created out of desperation for survival. This is a stunningly evokative film. It's truely shocking when one of the soldiers was smiling while describing the death his comrade, as if he realized the absurdity of his situation.

  16. benjamin.ghazi's rating of the film Restrepo

    Almost as noteworthy for what we aren't shown as what we are, Restrepo is an immediately engaging, deceptively straightforward documentary. Opening with the overconfident, gung-ho hollering of a young platoon member on his way to war, the film becomes smaller and quieter, focusing less on the problems of war and more on the problems of men, exploring trauma and masculinity in a violent, isolated, illogical world.

  17. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Restrepo

    It is as detached as it is no-bullshit. I like it as much as I can stand yet another war doc/film.

  18. Endless Eye's rating of the film Restrepo

    This dangerous documentary somehow manages to capture simultaneously the brotherhood between soldiers, the tragedy of loss on both sides (there's one particularly heart-breaking scene where they hit a house from an aerial strike and go to investigate the wreckage, they fling open a door and its a bunch of young children who are huddle together bleeding and injured), while showing us the insanity and confusion of War.

  19. Christopher Bentley Owen's rating of the film Restrepo

    Tim Hetherington was killed in Misrata, Libya. He passed away this morning. This film will always serve as a testament to his bravery.

  20. Steve Macfarlane's rating of the film Restrepo

    I actually found this to be somewhat pat, and mildly exploitative - soldiers either stare moon-facedly into the camera as they talk about their fears and fallen comrades, or they slap each other's asses, get drunk, and talk about buttsex back in the States. Great footage and good interviews, but it feels like a forced duality-of-man picture cooked up in an ivory tower.

  21. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Restrepo

    This might be rumoured to be the most dangerous place on earth, but I felt disconnected from the emotional rollercoaster the soldiers were going through, and it felt like watching scattered spots of a news channel.

  22. Alan Edit's rating of the film Restrepo

    The only movie last year that had something to say. About people.

  23. Caden Cotard's rating of the film Restrepo

    It was very brutal and personal, it just lacked something for me.

  24. El Edgariin's rating of the film Restrepo

    A very potent but disturbing examination of the war in Afghanistan. Love how it objectively documents the daily motions of the soldiers. The physical and psychological torment that these brave people experience is devastating and disheartening.

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