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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Results

    It probably should have stayed a low budget independent movie. I watched it because of Corrigan who always does well in these things. The pretty actors get together and can't help being annoying because they know they're pretty. Neither one of them is interesting, and Corrigan has to be their matchmaker? In the end it just fizzles into irrelevance.

  2. ejonline's rating of the film Results

    I enjoy Kevin Corrigan's work and he didn't disappoint here. As usual, he created a deeply human character that was sympathetic, frustrating and compelling. There were bits here and there that went beyond standard movie grammar in terms of how the characters related to each other, especially in the ways they were not simply allies or enemies. However, by the end their arcs felt predictable and thus less interesting.

  3. Kamran's rating of the film Results

    Hilarious and exceptionally down to earth comedy with surprisingly rich character development and mise-en-scene. 73/100 - Good.

  4. Xose Manoel Ramos's rating of the film Results

    Very geeky while very "human". Besides, it's is shocking to find out how old has become Guy Pearce, but he fits perfectly to the character

  5. surgery-ethic's rating of the film Results

  6. Comadozer's rating of the film Results

    An unsentimental, slow paced picture of life's boundless capacity for mess. When love is explored as unachievable but nevertheless worthwhile, a romantic film cuts so much closer to the feelings experienced in time existing off screen. And Kevin Corrigan is a fucking gem.

  7.'s rating of the film Results

    Die Definition für Mumblecore lautet "Filme, die keinen Spass machen". Andrew Bujalski ist so etwas wie der Godfather of Mumblecore, doch diesmal hat er mit prominenten Schauspielern seine Version einer romantischen Komödie gemacht. Eine Romantic Comedy, die gegen das Genre arbeitet... mehr auf

  8.'s rating of the film Results

    after the second phase, results is great! loved the chemistry so much

  9. thivai abhor's rating of the film Results

    Circular narrative, quirky characters, good actors, sure directing and an intelligent script.

  10. Cláudio Martins da Silva Alves's rating of the film Results

    An endearing portrait of three lonely individuals trying to find ways of filling the voids in their lives, be it through desperate companionship or a nearly religious devotion to physical fitness. Funny, low-key and surprisingly interesting when it comes to its views on money and the negotiation of personal intimacy. Still, its aesthetic, characteristic of most american indies nowadays, is immensely tedious.

  11. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Results

  12. mlstrx's rating of the film Results

  13. Michael Peer's rating of the film Results

    A funny, relatively engaging, satire on the self-improvement market. The cast is great, especially Guy Pierce. It's almost weightless in it's significance but will keep you entertained. Not particularly memorable but is worth checking out.

  14. filmcapsule's rating of the film Results

    A pleasant and endearing low-key romantic comedy. The trio of protagonists gave the film an interesting and less formulaic pace, as its central perspective morphs from scene to scene. The three performances are all lived-in and attuned to their characters' flaws, but Pearce's felt the most specific and empathetic. And whatever Giovanni Ribisi is doing, I hate it.

  15. film_lies101's rating of the film Results

    It's a mublecore film with proper actors, proper cinematography/lighting, proper sets/locations,& proper semblance of a story. It's like an actual fucking movie ya'll! For that alone I'll have to give it a generous 4

  16. f-nanda's rating of the film Results

  17. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Results

    While the actors give this film some much-needed energy, there's just so much lacking Bujalski's directing and writing. The film just feel aimless to me, with little consistency in tone, plot, action, or character. It just rolls along with no real story, and no reason to invest in what's happening to these people.

  18. Dear Crying,'s rating of the film Results

    I haven't seen any film capture a truer slice of the current Austin zeitgeist than Andrew Bujalski's "Results." It's a love triangle between a new age self-improvement guru, a fitness obsessive and a tasteles new money millionaire. And somehow I ended up rooting for all these characters by the end. Mind blown. Maybe my favorite Bujalski flick.

  19. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Results

    In some ways Results plays out the mundanity of everyday life and tribulation in the same way as 2 Days 1 Night. The plight of our characters is just as desperate as Sandra's however here, putting in the time gives you the 'results' as opposed to her race against time. Results is utterly charming with fantastic acting choices cementing the notion comically & smartly that personal plight is a lonely road travelled. B+

  20. John's rating of the film Results

    Great, great acting, wonderful 90s indie feel.

  21. saitosouta's rating of the film Results

    Weirdly weird weirdness, Oddly odd oddness, Strangely strange strangeness. Was I looked down by Bujalski ? Even so, I don't feel bad. Somehow Interesting movie and Most Superb-physical-ability-is-demonstrated-by-Guy"The Bodybuilder"Pearce movie I've ever seen.

  22. Jason's rating of the film Results

    Congratulations Mr. Bujalski, you have made the whitest, most heteronormative movie that will ever have existed featuring offscreen bi-racial lesbian sex and a bi-sexual African American gigolo. That's something. Results is primarily distinctive for being so indistinct. Admittedly some commendable grace notes in the screenplay.

  23. jxn's rating of the film Results

    "you're a bisexual gigolo!"

  24. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Results

    The mood of the first half slowly decays in the second, and the weirdness gives place to a more familiar, feel-good atmosphere.

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