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  1. Photo of Rolf Hansen

    Rolf Hansen Director

  2. Photo of Renato Castellani

    Renato Castellani Screenplay

  3. Photo of Juliane Kay

    Juliane Kay Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leo Tolstoy

    Leo Tolstoy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Horst Buchholz

    Horst Buchholz Cast

  6. Photo of Myriam Bru

    Myriam Bru Cast

  7. Photo of Edith Mill

    Edith Mill Cast

  8. Photo of Ruth Niehaus

    Ruth Niehaus Cast

  9. Photo of Lea Massari

    Lea Massari Cast

  10. Photo of Marisa Merlini

    Marisa Merlini Cast

  11. Photo of Günther Lüders

    Günther Lüders Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Murat

    Jean Murat Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Freitag

    Robert Freitag Cast

  14. Photo of Gabrielle Dorziat

    Gabrielle Dorziat Cast

  15. Photo of Til Kiwe

    Til Kiwe Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Cifariello

    Antonio Cifariello Cast

  17. Photo of Rudolf Rhomberg

    Rudolf Rhomberg Cast

  18. Photo of Elisabeth Flickenschildt

    Elisabeth Flickenschildt Cast

  19. Photo of Ernst Schröder

    Ernst Schröder Cast

  20. Photo of Lina Carstens

    Lina Carstens Cast

  21. Photo of Adrienne Gessner

    Adrienne Gessner Cast

  22. Photo of Alma Seidler

    Alma Seidler Cast

  23. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  24. Photo of Georg Lehn

    Georg Lehn Cast

  25. Photo of Gerd Brüdern

    Gerd Brüdern Cast

  26. Photo of Roma Bahn

    Roma Bahn Cast

  27. Photo of Franz Weihmayr

    Franz Weihmayr Cinematography

  28. Photo of Mark Lothar

    Mark Lothar Music

  29. Photo of Robert Herlth

    Robert Herlth Production Design

  30. Photo of Gottfried Will

    Gottfried Will Production Design

  31. Photo of Hans Abich

    Hans Abich Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Anna Höllering

    Anna Höllering Editing