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  1. Photo of Mikhail Shvejtser

    Mikhail Shvejtser Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yevgeni Gabrilovich

    Yevgeni Gabrilovich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leo Tolstoy

    Leo Tolstoy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sergei Poluyanov

    Sergei Poluyanov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Era Savelyeva

    Era Savelyeva Cinematography

  6. Photo of Tamara Syomina

    Tamara Syomina Cast

  7. Photo of Yevgeni Matveyev

    Yevgeni Matveyev Cast

  8. Photo of Pavel Massalsky

    Pavel Massalsky Cast

  9. Photo of Viktor Kulakov

    Viktor Kulakov Cast

  10. Photo of Vasili Bokarev

    Vasili Bokarev Cast

  11. Photo of Lev Zolotukhin

    Lev Zolotukhin Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Sez

    Vladimir Sez Cast

  13. Photo of Vyacheslav Sushkevich

    Vyacheslav Sushkevich Cast

  14. Photo of Nikolai Svobodin

    Nikolai Svobodin Cast

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Khvylya

    Aleksandr Khvylya Cast

  16. Photo of Aleksei Smirnov

    Aleksei Smirnov Cast

  17. Photo of V. Vanyshev

    V. Vanyshev Cast

  18. Photo of Klavdiya Aleyeva

    Klavdiya Aleyeva Editing

  19. Photo of Abram Frejdin

    Abram Frejdin Production Design

  20. Photo of David Vinitsky

    David Vinitsky Production Design

  21. Photo of Georgi Sviridov

    Georgi Sviridov Music

  22. Photo of Konstantin Gordon

    Konstantin Gordon Sound

  23. Photo of Valeri Popov

    Valeri Popov Sound

  24. Photo of Ganna Ganevskaya

    Ganna Ganevskaya Costume Design