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  1. Photo of Russell Mulcahy

    Russell Mulcahy Director

  2. Photo of Richard M. Cohen

    Richard M. Cohen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Pompian

    Paul Pompian Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Howard Baldwin

    Howard Baldwin Producer

  5. Photo of Karen Elise Baldwin

    Karen Elise Baldwin Producer

  6. Photo of Patrick D. Choi

    Patrick D. Choi Producer

  7. Photo of Jack Gilardi Jr.

    Jack Gilardi Jr. Producer

  8. Photo of Nile Niami

    Nile Niami Producer

  9. Photo of Brad Mirman

    Brad Mirman Screenplay

  10. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Screenplay, Cast, Producer

  11. Photo of Jonathan Freeman

    Jonathan Freeman Cinematography

  12. Photo of Brett Reynolds

    Brett Reynolds Cinematography

  13. Photo of Gordon McClellan

    Gordon McClellan Editing

  14. Photo of Tim Boyd

    Tim Boyd Production Design

  15. Photo of Jim McGrath

    Jim McGrath Music

  16. Photo of Leland Orser

    Leland Orser Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Joy

    Robert Joy Cast

  18. Photo of Barbara Tyson

    Barbara Tyson Cast

  19. Photo of Rick Fox

    Rick Fox Cast