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  1. Photo of Robert Greenwald

    Robert Greenwald Director, Producer Self

  2. Photo of Andrew Bacevich

    Andrew Bacevich Self

  3. Photo of Stephen Kinzer

    Stephen Kinzer Self

  4. Photo of Anand Gopal

    Anand Gopal Self

  5. Photo of Steve Coll

    Steve Coll Self

  6. Photo of Ann Jones

    Ann Jones Self

  7. Photo of Linda Bilmes

    Linda Bilmes Self

  8. Photo of Jo Comerford

    Jo Comerford Self

  9. Photo of Roshanak Warnak

    Roshanak Warnak Self

  10. Photo of Tariq Ali

    Tariq Ali Self

  11. Photo of Jason Zaro

    Jason Zaro Producer

  12. Photo of Phillip Cruess

    Phillip Cruess Editing

  13. Photo of Jose Alfonso

    Jose Alfonso Animation