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  1. Photo of Li Kao

    Li Kao Director

  2. Photo of Li Han-Hsiang

    Li Han-Hsiang Director

  3. Photo of Runme Shaw

    Runme Shaw Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Wang Yue-Ting

    Wang Yue-Ting Screenplay and Music

  5. Photo of Chi Liu

    Chi Liu Cinematography

  6. Photo of Wu Cho-Hua

    Wu Cho-Hua Cinematography

  7. Photo of Hsiang Chun Li

    Hsiang Chun Li Cast

  8. Photo of Feng Chin

    Feng Chin Cast

  9. Photo of Chieh Jen

    Chieh Jen Cast

  10. Photo of Chuang Yuan-yung

    Chuang Yuan-yung Cast

  11. Photo of Chao Chiang Kuang

    Chao Chiang Kuang Cast

  12. Photo of Ching Miao

    Ching Miao Cast

  13. Photo of Chin Chu

    Chin Chu Cast

  14. Photo of Baoshu Gao

    Baoshu Gao Cast

  15. Photo of Ho Li-Jen

    Ho Li-Jen Cast

  16. Photo of Wen Chung Ku

    Wen Chung Ku Cast

  17. Photo of Jen Kwan

    Jen Kwan Cast

  18. Photo of Lydia Shum

    Lydia Shum Cast

  19. Photo of Feng Tien

    Feng Tien Cast

  20. Photo of Hsiu Wen

    Hsiu Wen Cast

  21. Photo of Chiang Hsing-lung

    Chiang Hsing-lung Editing

  22. Photo of Tsao Nien-lung

    Tsao Nien-lung Production Design

  23. Photo of Chow Lan-Ping

    Chow Lan-Ping Music

  24. Photo of Ke Huang

    Ke Huang Music

  25. Photo of Eddie Wang

    Eddie Wang Music

  26. Photo of Manhua Zhou

    Manhua Zhou Music

  27. Photo of Wei Tsao

    Wei Tsao Sound

  28. Photo of Wang Yung-Hua

    Wang Yung-Hua Sound

  29. Photo of Liu Hsien-hui

    Liu Hsien-hui Costume Design