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  1. Photo of Eugen Gindl

    Eugen Gindl Screenplay

  2. Photo of Katharina Lorenz

    Katharina Lorenz Cast

  3. Photo of Florian Stetter

    Florian Stetter Cast

  4. Photo of Lukáš Latinák

    Lukáš Latinák Cast

  5. Photo of Zuzana Mauréry

    Zuzana Mauréry Cast

  6. Photo of Kyra Mladeck

    Kyra Mladeck Cast

  7. Photo of Radoslav Brzobohatý

    Radoslav Brzobohatý Cast

  8. Photo of Miro Gábor

    Miro Gábor Cinematography

  9. Photo of Martin Repka

    Martin Repka Producer, Screenplay Director