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  1. Photo of Sonny Chiba

    Sonny Chiba Cast

  2. Photo of Claude Gannyon

    Claude Gannyon Cast

  3. Photo of Yoko Ichiji

    Yoko Ichiji Cast

  4. Photo of Zulu Yachi

    Zulu Yachi Cast

  5. Photo of Ko Tanaka

    Ko Tanaka Cast

  6. Photo of Shingo Yamashiro

    Shingo Yamashiro Cast

  7. Photo of Masashi Ishibashi

    Masashi Ishibashi Cast

  8. Photo of Katsuya Yamashita

    Katsuya Yamashita Cast

  9. Photo of Masafumi Suzuki

    Masafumi Suzuki Cast

  10. Photo of Shigehiro Ozawa

    Shigehiro Ozawa Director