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  1. Photo of Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

    Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Matthias Freihof

    Matthias Freihof Cast

  3. Photo of Dieter Bach

    Dieter Bach Cast

  4. Photo of Bart Klein

    Bart Klein Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Gilling

    Paul Gilling Cast

  6. Photo of Ared Hubert

    Ared Hubert Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Schäfer

    Frank Schäfer Cast

  8. Photo of Stephan Kling

    Stephan Kling Cast

  9. Photo of Thilo Ackermann

    Thilo Ackermann Cast

  10. Photo of Stefan Dietrichs

    Stefan Dietrichs Cast

  11. Photo of Markus Böttcher

    Markus Böttcher Cast

  12. Photo of Doris Dörrie

    Doris Dörrie Cast

  13. Photo of Anja Kling

    Anja Kling Cast

  14. Photo of Gerit Kling

    Gerit Kling Cast

  15. Photo of Thomas Plenert

    Thomas Plenert Cinematography

  16. Photo of Steff Imgrund

    Steff Imgrund Production Design

  17. Photo of Frank Löprich

    Frank Löprich Producer

  18. Photo of Katrin Schlösser

    Katrin Schlösser Producer

  19. Photo of Gudrun Plenert

    Gudrun Plenert Editing

  20. Photo of Uve Haußig

    Uve Haußig Sound