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  1. Photo of William A. Graham

    William A. Graham Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Randal Kleiser

    Randal Kleiser Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Henry De Vere Stacpoole

    Henry De Vere Stacpoole Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leslie Stevens

    Leslie Stevens Screenplay

  5. Photo of Milla Jovovich

    Milla Jovovich Cast

  6. Photo of Brian Krause

    Brian Krause Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Pelikan

    Lisa Pelikan Cast

  8. Photo of Courtney Barilla

    Courtney Barilla Cast

  9. Photo of Garette Ratliff Henson

    Garette Ratliff Henson Cast

  10. Photo of Emma James

    Emma James Cast

  11. Photo of Jackson Barton

    Jackson Barton Cast

  12. Photo of Nana Coburn

    Nana Coburn Cast

  13. Photo of Brian Blain

    Brian Blain Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Hehir

    Peter Hehir Cast

  15. Photo of Alexander Peterson

    Alexander Peterson Cast

  16. Photo of John Mann

    John Mann Cast

  17. Photo of Wayne Pygram

    Wayne Pygram Cast

  18. Photo of John Dicks

    John Dicks Cast

  19. Photo of Gus Mercurio

    Gus Mercurio Cast

  20. Photo of John Turnbull

    John Turnbull Cast

  21. Photo of Todd Rippon

    Todd Rippon Cast

  22. Photo of John Keightley

    John Keightley Cast

  23. Photo of Pita Degei

    Pita Degei Cast

  24. Photo of Mikaele Nasau

    Mikaele Nasau Cast

  25. Photo of Annabel Graham

    Annabel Graham Cast

  26. Photo of Robert Steadman

    Robert Steadman Cinematography

  27. Photo of Valerie Taylor

    Valerie Taylor Cinematography

  28. Photo of Jon Dowding

    Jon Dowding Production Design

  29. Photo of Aphrodite Kondos

    Aphrodite Kondos Costume Design

  30. Photo of Ronald J. Fagan

    Ronald J. Fagan Editing

  31. Photo of Basil Poledouris

    Basil Poledouris Music

  32. Photo of Barry Mann

    Barry Mann Music

  33. Photo of Greig McRitchie

    Greig McRitchie Music

  34. Photo of Andy Duncan

    Andy Duncan Sound