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  1. JulesAteJim's rating of the film Revanche

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Revanche

    This is an intelligent film. The main character, played by Johannes Krisch, is doing a bit of a Bruno Ganz from 'The American Friend'. He's up to no good, but he's not really a bad person. There's just this desperation to get out of debt that makes people do stupid things. There are some nice realistic touches to the film, and a hell of a lot of moral ambiguity. Which is nice. It's a thinking person's film.

  3. Aardsy's rating of the film Revanche

  4. tyb's rating of the film Revanche

    It sets up to be a typical crime movie, but turns out to be something much more interesting. Atmospheric, pensive and immersive, this is a very well-crafted movie with believable and sympathetic characters.

  5. ammar's rating of the film Revanche

  6. Lululikes's rating of the film Revanche

    Ruhig, spannend und besonders.

  7. Greenhorn's rating of the film Revanche

    My first thought was...the biggest idiot build the greatest shit. But the further running of the film changing the view. So I hope all people can conclude peace with his situation.

  8. kantan's rating of the film Revanche

    Austrian realism at its best, yet less pessimistic than Seidl.

  9. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Revanche

    One of the finest 'crime' films there has ever been; if you can even call it a true crime, as the second half shifts into an atmospheric existential drama and unfolds beautifully. Atmospheric, intelligent, and one of the best - up there with works such as Ghostdog, The Robber, Szürkület etc. Austria seems to have some of the finest in this style - currently watching Anatomy of Evil [TV series] which has Strauss too.

  10. Chris's rating of the film Revanche

    the most intense wood chopping of 2008

  11. Michael Goetz's rating of the film Revanche

    This is a movie you need to stick with until the end. For the first hour it appears to be a well-made but conventional lower-depths crime thriller. But the very clever change in milieu from urban seediness to pastoral calm allows Spielmann to let psychological depth and complex cross currents of feeling supply the dramatic propulsion to the story, ultimately suggesting a way out of cycles of violence and despair.

  12. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Revanche

    Very intense movie. You can cut the tension with a knife it's so thick throughout the entire film. I loved the mise-en-scene of the first third of the movie. The remaining part was rendered minimally but it fit the story perfectly. It might feel a little long to some, due to a "lack" of action, but if you have the patience this is a must see.

  13. SpacePirate's rating of the film Revanche

    One of the better films from this year, easy to see why it was given the criterion treatment.

  14. IFlovv's rating of the film Revanche

    In Revanche, Spielmann uses his camera as a witness to the larger whole, to narrate our social and spiritual commonality—his animated camera movements and numinous imagery open up our limited awareness.

  15. Kyle Knapp's rating of the film Revanche

    A huge mess of contrivances, but if you can put that aside, it's powerful. Though the tension boils the whole time, there's only one point where it's allowed to burst, and when it did, it knocked me flat on my ass. Otherwise it's a slow burn, very well-acted, beautifully shot, and genuinely, effortlessly spiritual. Sticks with you, and not in the way you might expect.

  16. astygianelysium's rating of the film Revanche

    elegant thriller: immaculately plotted, well-photographed, acted with restraint. the main character is masculinity itself, which is worked through (but not, in the end, smoothed out) in the various tensions of the film. the Man, in all three cases, does not know how to fall prey to his feelings without lashing out. the film's minor triumph is in how, especially in the end scene, it delivers everyone from pity.

  17. L.F.G.'s rating of the film Revanche

    serious kaurismaki vibes goin on here

  18. Bilan's rating of the film Revanche

  19. Violins By Night's rating of the film Revanche

  20. Andrea Italia's rating of the film Revanche

    Visually intense and tight; remarkable ending. Some really nice repeat frames throughout, especially of the crucifix at the edge of the forest, and of course the first shots undulation in the conclusion. The tangled characters will stick with you for some time after.

  21. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Revanche

  22. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Revanche

    ‘Revanche’ is a dark and suffocating film about relationships. It is a combination of grimness and psychological complications. ‘Revanche’ has two meanings: revenge and a second chance. The pace is very low but the events are never predictable. Particularly fine camerawork and strong performances. The film creates in a very calm way an oppressive tension.Stylistically, the film is a joy to watch.

  23. Rudyard's rating of the film Revanche

  24. @frassivan's rating of the film Revanche

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