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  1. Photo of Blake Edwards

    Blake Edwards Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Frank Waldman

    Frank Waldman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ron Clark

    Ron Clark Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Sellers

    Peter Sellers Cast

  5. Photo of Herbert Lom

    Herbert Lom Cast

  6. Photo of Burt Kwouk

    Burt Kwouk Cast

  7. Photo of Dyan Cannon

    Dyan Cannon Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Webber

    Robert Webber Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Loggia

    Robert Loggia Cast

  10. Photo of Tony Beckley

    Tony Beckley Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Cast

  12. Photo of André Maranne

    André Maranne Cast

  13. Photo of Graham Stark

    Graham Stark Cast

  14. Photo of Alfie Bass

    Alfie Bass Cast

  15. Photo of Sue Lloyd

    Sue Lloyd Cast

  16. Photo of Danny Schiller

    Danny Schiller Cast

  17. Photo of Douglas Wilmer

    Douglas Wilmer Cast

  18. Photo of Ferdy Mayne

    Ferdy Mayne Cast

  19. Photo of Charles Augins

    Charles Augins Cast

  20. Photo of Valerie Leon

    Valerie Leon Cast

  21. Photo of Me Me Lai

    Me Me Lai Cast

  22. Photo of Adrienne Corri

    Adrienne Corri Cast

  23. Photo of Andrew Sachs

    Andrew Sachs Cast

  24. Photo of Elizabeth Welch

    Elizabeth Welch Cast

  25. Photo of Anthony Chinn

    Anthony Chinn Cast

  26. Photo of Ernest Day

    Ernest Day Cinematography

  27. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  28. Photo of Peter Mullins

    Peter Mullins Production Design

  29. Photo of Derek Kavanagh

    Derek Kavanagh Producer

  30. Photo of Ken Wales

    Ken Wales Producer

  31. Photo of Tony Adams

    Tony Adams Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Alan Jones

    Alan Jones Editing