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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Tavi Paunescu's rating of the film Reverse

    The 'terribly good-looking' :) Bronislaw's son coming in with his boyfriend is an addition to the script which in my opinion is similar to adding some mustard to an icecream.

  2. Mihaela Balan's rating of the film Reverse

    Just finished watching. It is a sweet movie and I give it an 8+ for the excellent dark humour.

  3. Codrut Bratu's rating of the film Reverse

    Description of the synopsis must be understood in the sense that the "details" comes by watching the film. I do not think this movie is about "the darker side of women's nature" but rather the solution found by a strong woman to an extreme situation of that time. Those who lived under communism after World War II will definitely understand what I mean.

  4. Miruna's rating of the film Reverse

    I think the movie is more about living in the '50s in a communist country rather than "the darker side of woman's nature". Very good and strong characters, very credible atmosphere. I felt the relief and happiness of the two ladies at the death of Stalin :). I liked the movie.

  5. Vlad's rating of the film Reverse

  6. punct's rating of the film Reverse

    10 for the grandmother, 8 for the mother , 7 for the daughter, 1 for the colours and 0 for the ending...

  7. esenyn's rating of the film Reverse