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  1. Photo of Erwin Piscator

    Erwin Piscator Director

  2. Photo of Georgiy Grebner

    Georgiy Grebner Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anna Seghers

    Anna Seghers Screenplay

  4. Photo of Willy Döll

    Willy Döll Screenplay

  5. Photo of Aleksei Dikij

    Aleksei Dikij Cast

  6. Photo of Dmitri Konsovsky

    Dmitri Konsovsky Cast

  7. Photo of Nikolai Gladkov

    Nikolai Gladkov Cast

  8. Photo of N. Izvolski

    N. Izvolski Cast

  9. Photo of F. Ivanov

    F. Ivanov Cast

  10. Photo of Yudif Glizer

    Yudif Glizer Cast

  11. Photo of Vera Yanukova

    Vera Yanukova Cast

  12. Photo of A. Safroshin

    A. Safroshin Cast

  13. Photo of Emma Tsesarskaya

    Emma Tsesarskaya Cast

  14. Photo of Mikhail Kirillov

    Mikhail Kirillov Cinematography

  15. Photo of Pyotr Yermolov

    Pyotr Yermolov Cinematography

  16. Photo of N. Chemberdski

    N. Chemberdski Music

  17. Photo of V. Fëre

    V. Fëre Music

  18. Photo of Ferenc Szabó

    Ferenc Szabó Music

  19. Photo of V. Kaplunovskiy

    V. Kaplunovskiy Production Design

  20. Photo of M. shitova

    M. shitova Editing