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  1. Photo of Alfonso Brescia

    Alfonso Brescia Director

  2. Photo of Gian Paolo Callegari

    Gian Paolo Callegari Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Cast

  4. Photo of Moira Orfei

    Moira Orfei Cast

  5. Photo of Piero Lulli

    Piero Lulli Cast

  6. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  7. Photo of Paola Pitti

    Paola Pitti Cast

  8. Photo of Ivy Holzer

    Ivy Holzer Cast

  9. Photo of Fedele Gentile

    Fedele Gentile Cast

  10. Photo of Amedeo Trilli

    Amedeo Trilli Cast

  11. Photo of Mirko Ellis

    Mirko Ellis Cast

  12. Photo of Renato Montalbano

    Renato Montalbano Cast

  13. Photo of Salvatore Furnari

    Salvatore Furnari Cast

  14. Photo of Massimo Carocci

    Massimo Carocci Cast

  15. Photo of Aldo Cecconi

    Aldo Cecconi Cast

  16. Photo of Andrea Fantasia

    Andrea Fantasia Cast

  17. Photo of Osiride Pevarello

    Osiride Pevarello Cast

  18. Photo of Bruno Ukmar

    Bruno Ukmar Cast

  19. Photo of Pier Ludovico Pavoni

    Pier Ludovico Pavoni Cinematography

  20. Photo of Carlo Franci

    Carlo Franci Music

  21. Photo of Pier Vittorio Marchi

    Pier Vittorio Marchi Production Design

  22. Photo of Carlo Vassalle

    Carlo Vassalle Producer

  23. Photo of Nella Nannuzzi

    Nella Nannuzzi Editing