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Ratings & Reviews

  1. William's rating of the film Revolution

    This movie is pretty amazing and I say this having only viewed the much-maligned original cut. One of the most uniquely immersive film experiences that I can recall, where the tumult and dynamism of a historical environment is foregrounded over character and plot. In this regard, parallels to Heaven's Gate aren't so unfounded.

  2. NiteFlight9's rating of the film Revolution

    I'm interested in seeing the original cut because this version was way more engaging and interesting than I'd expected.

  3. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Revolution

    Much better in it s new form and not as bad as i had heard.

  4. Aunt Peg's rating of the film Revolution

    This was a wretched viewing experience back in 1985/1986. 1/10. However, Hugh Hudson's 2008 director's cut is worth seeking out - turns a plodding, aimless work into a unique ahead of it's times experience. A marvel 7/10.

  5. Michele Andreoli's rating of the film Revolution

    Seen today, I am completely fallen into the story. Nice experience, a very rare experiment with colours and photography.