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  1. Photo of Sergio Sollima

    Sergio Sollima Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arduino Maiuri

    Arduino Maiuri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo de Rita

    Massimo de Rita Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aldo Scavarda

    Aldo Scavarda Cinematography

  5. Photo of Oliver Reed

    Oliver Reed Cast

  6. Photo of Fabio Testi

    Fabio Testi Cast

  7. Photo of Paola Pitagora

    Paola Pitagora Cast

  8. Photo of Agostina Belli

    Agostina Belli Cast

  9. Photo of Frédéric de Pasquale

    Frédéric de Pasquale Cast

  10. Photo of Sergio Montanari

    Sergio Montanari Editing

  11. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  12. Photo of Carlo Simi

    Carlo Simi Costume Design

  13. Photo of Marc Mazza

    Marc Mazza Cast

  14. Photo of Reinhard Kolldehoff

    Reinhard Kolldehoff Cast

  15. Photo of Bernard Giraudeau

    Bernard Giraudeau Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Berling

    Peter Berling Cast

  17. Photo of Daniel Beretta

    Daniel Beretta Cast

  18. Photo of Calisto Calisti

    Calisto Calisti Cast

  19. Photo of Steffen Zacharias

    Steffen Zacharias Cast

  20. Photo of Michel Bardinet

    Michel Bardinet Cast

  21. Photo of Salvatore Borghese

    Salvatore Borghese Cast

  22. Photo of Ugo Santalucia

    Ugo Santalucia Producer