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  1. anarresti's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    Some images, sounds and faces will be with me for a long time, I suspect. And I hope so. What a brilliant debut!

  2. vizija's rating of the film REW-FFWD

  3. Herlescu Daniel's rating of the film REW-FFWD

  4. Wee Hunk's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    I related to this on a couple of different levels. If you start with such an unbeatable premise, then you have a good idea that it's going to be good. Even though taking a picture of a dead dog is a bit of a cliche, I would prefer it to a beauty pageant winner.

  5. Max Seqgar's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    This first from Villeneuve shows his characteristic strength in clearly exposing reality through fiction. The rasta culture contrasted to western conventions of thought, nice mon!

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    CE N'EST PAS UN DOCUMENTAIRE, dommage que MUBI nous le présente ainsi.

  7. Axel's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    On dirait l’un de ces rêves à la David Lynch qui mettent mal à l’aise sans pour autant qu’on puisse les qualifier de cauchemars. On suit le narrateur dans ses souvenirs psychédéliques en terre inconnue, caméra à hauteur d’yeux, et comme lui on ne sait pas à quoi s’attendre. Dommage qu'il faille faire le tri dans le blabla pseudo-philosophique des voix off. Attention aux non-anglophones : rien n’est traduit!

  8. Bptst Crgx's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    Un court-métrage qui questionne le spectateur à travers ses faux airs de documentaire épileptique. Une belle oeuvre sur l'ouverture aux autres et les limites des systèmes.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film REW-FFWD

    Early short by Denis Villeneuve which hints at the inventiveness one would see later in 'Maelstrom' but doesn't show the technician's eye we would see much later in 'Incendies' or 'Prisoners'. Billed as a psychodrama but fails to engage the viewer on almost any level. Chalk it up as a training ground.