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  1. Photo of Hans Werner

    Hans Werner Director

  2. Photo of Oliver Hirschbiegel

    Oliver Hirschbiegel Director

  3. Photo of Michael Riebl

    Michael Riebl Director

  4. Photo of Bodo Fürneisen

    Bodo Fürneisen Director

  5. Photo of Peter Carpentier

    Peter Carpentier Director

  6. Photo of Andreas Prochaska

    Andreas Prochaska Director

  7. Photo of Wolfgang Dickmann

    Wolfgang Dickmann Director

  8. Photo of Gerald Liegel

    Gerald Liegel Director

  9. Photo of Christian Görlitz

    Christian Görlitz Director

  10. Photo of Hajo Gies

    Hajo Gies Director

  11. Photo of Udo Witte

    Udo Witte Director

  12. Photo of Detlef Rönfeldt

    Detlef Rönfeldt Director

  13. Photo of Olaf Kreinsen

    Olaf Kreinsen Director

  14. Photo of Pete Ariel

    Pete Ariel Director

  15. Photo of Wilhelm Engelhardt

    Wilhelm Engelhardt Director

  16. Photo of Herrmann Zschoche

    Herrmann Zschoche Director

  17. Photo of Peter Hajek

    Peter Hajek Screenplay

  18. Photo of Peter Moser

    Peter Moser Screenplay

  19. Photo of Gerhard Zemann

    Gerhard Zemann Cast

  20. Photo of Heinz Weixelbraun

    Heinz Weixelbraun Cast

  21. Photo of Wolf Bachofner

    Wolf Bachofner Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Weinek

    Martin Weinek Cast

  23. Photo of Reginald von Ravenhorst

    Reginald von Ravenhorst Cast

  24. Photo of Tobias Moretti

    Tobias Moretti Cast

  25. Photo of Gedeon Burkhard

    Gedeon Burkhard Cast

  26. Photo of Fritz Muliar

    Fritz Muliar Cast

  27. Photo of Alexander Pschill

    Alexander Pschill Cast

  28. Photo of Elke Winkens

    Elke Winkens Cast

  29. Photo of Karl Markovics

    Karl Markovics Cast

  30. Photo of Ernst Josef Lauscher

    Ernst Josef Lauscher Cast