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  1. Photo of Irving Rapper

    Irving Rapper Director

  2. Photo of Hal B. Wallis

    Hal B. Wallis Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jesse L. Lasky

    Jesse L. Lasky Producer

  4. Photo of Howard Koch

    Howard Koch Screenplay

  5. Photo of Elliot Paul

    Elliot Paul Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sonya Levien

    Sonya Levien Screenplay

  7. Photo of Merritt B. Gerstad

    Merritt B. Gerstad Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ernest Haller

    Ernest Haller Cinematography

  9. Photo of Sol Polito

    Sol Polito Cinematography

  10. Photo of Robert Alda

    Robert Alda Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Leslie

    Joan Leslie Cast

  12. Photo of Alexis Smith

    Alexis Smith Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Coburn

    Charles Coburn Cast

  14. Photo of Julie Bishop

    Julie Bishop Cast

  15. Photo of Albert Bassermann

    Albert Bassermann Cast

  16. Photo of Herbert Rudley

    Herbert Rudley Cast

  17. Photo of Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant Cast

  18. Photo of Morris Carnovsky

    Morris Carnovsky Cast

  19. Photo of Rosemary DeCamp

    Rosemary DeCamp Cast

  20. Photo of Folmar Blangsted

    Folmar Blangsted Editing

  21. Photo of Max Steiner

    Max Steiner Music

  22. Photo of George Gershwin

    George Gershwin Music

  23. Photo of Charles David Forrest

    Charles David Forrest Sound

  24. Photo of Stanley Jones

    Stanley Jones Sound

  25. Photo of Milo Anderson

    Milo Anderson Costume Design