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  1. Photo of Tedi Moskov

    Tedi Moskov Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Maya Novoselska

    Maya Novoselska Cast

  3. Photo of Filip Trifonov

    Filip Trifonov Cast

  4. Photo of Samuel Finzi

    Samuel Finzi Cast

  5. Photo of Irina Marinova

    Irina Marinova Cast

  6. Photo of Khristo Dimitrov

    Khristo Dimitrov Cast

  7. Photo of Ivaylo Hristov

    Ivaylo Hristov Cast

  8. Photo of Diyan Machev

    Diyan Machev Cast

  9. Photo of Krystjo Lafazanov

    Krystjo Lafazanov Cast

  10. Photo of Zlatina Todeva

    Zlatina Todeva Cast

  11. Photo of Hristo Garbov

    Hristo Garbov Cast

  12. Photo of Konstantin Kotsev

    Konstantin Kotsev Cast

  13. Photo of Georgi Kaloyanchev

    Georgi Kaloyanchev Cast

  14. Photo of Stoyanka Mutafova

    Stoyanka Mutafova Cast

  15. Photo of Nikola Anastasova

    Nikola Anastasova Cast

  16. Photo of Ivan Grigorov

    Ivan Grigorov Cast

  17. Photo of Dimitar Manchev

    Dimitar Manchev Cast

  18. Photo of Rangel Vulchanov

    Rangel Vulchanov Cast

  19. Photo of Ivan Tonev

    Ivan Tonev Cinematography

  20. Photo of Antoni Donchev

    Antoni Donchev Music

  21. Photo of Georgi Todorov

    Georgi Todorov Production Design

  22. Photo of Kiril Gotzev

    Kiril Gotzev Producer

  23. Photo of Stefan Kitanov

    Stefan Kitanov Producer

  24. Photo of Evgeni Mihailov

    Evgeni Mihailov Producer

  25. Photo of Radosvet Radev

    Radosvet Radev Producer

  26. Photo of Rumen Mitov

    Rumen Mitov Editing

  27. Photo of Mladen Stoyanov

    Mladen Stoyanov Editing

  28. Photo of Georgi Penkov

    Georgi Penkov Sound

  29. Photo of Neli Bobeva

    Neli Bobeva Costume Design

  30. Photo of Svila Velichkova

    Svila Velichkova Costume Design