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  1. Photo of Tom O'Horgan

    Tom O'Horgan Director

  2. Photo of Eugène Ionesco

    Eugène Ionesco Screenplay

  3. Photo of Julian Barry

    Julian Barry Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gene Wilder

    Gene Wilder Cast

  5. Photo of Zero Mostel

    Zero Mostel Cast

  6. Photo of Karen Black

    Karen Black Cast

  7. Photo of Joe Silver

    Joe Silver Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Weil

    Robert Weil Cast

  9. Photo of Marilyn Chris

    Marilyn Chris Cast

  10. Photo of Percy Rodrigues

    Percy Rodrigues Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Fields

    Robert Fields Cast

  12. Photo of Melody Santangello

    Melody Santangello Cast

  13. Photo of Don Calfa

    Don Calfa Cast

  14. Photo of Lou Cutell

    Lou Cutell Cast

  15. Photo of Howard Morton

    Howard Morton Cast

  16. Photo of Manuel Aviles

    Manuel Aviles Cast

  17. Photo of Anne Ramsey

    Anne Ramsey Cast

  18. Photo of Lorna Thayer

    Lorna Thayer Cast

  19. Photo of Sheryl Deauville

    Sheryl Deauville Cast

  20. Photo of James Crabe

    James Crabe Cinematography

  21. Photo of Galt MacDermot

    Galt MacDermot Music

  22. Photo of Jack Martin Smith

    Jack Martin Smith Production Design

  23. Photo of Ben Baker

    Ben Baker Producer

  24. Photo of Ely A. Landau

    Ely A. Landau Producer

  25. Photo of Robert A. Goldston

    Robert A. Goldston Producer

  26. Photo of Mort Abrahams

    Mort Abrahams Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Edward Lewis

    Edward Lewis Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Henry T. Weinstein

    Henry T. Weinstein Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Bud S. Smith

    Bud S. Smith Editing

  30. Photo of Charles L. Campbell

    Charles L. Campbell Sound

  31. Photo of Robert Knudson

    Robert Knudson Sound

  32. Photo of Richard Overton

    Richard Overton Sound

  33. Photo of Roger Sword

    Roger Sword Sound

  34. Photo of Noel Taylor

    Noel Taylor Costume Design