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  1. Photo of George Cukor

    George Cukor Director

  2. Photo of Gerard Ayres

    Gerard Ayres Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Van Druten

    John Van Druten Screenplay

  4. Photo of Candice Bergen

    Candice Bergen Cast

  5. Photo of David Selby

    David Selby Cast

  6. Photo of Hart Bochner

    Hart Bochner Cast

  7. Photo of Steven Hill

    Steven Hill Cast

  8. Photo of Meg Ryan

    Meg Ryan Cast

  9. Photo of Matt Lattanzi

    Matt Lattanzi Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Faraldo

    Daniel Faraldo Cast

  11. Photo of Donald Peterman

    Donald Peterman Cinematography

  12. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  13. Photo of Jan Scott

    Jan Scott Production Design

  14. Photo of William Allyn

    William Allyn Producer

  15. Photo of Jacqueline Bisset

    Jacqueline Bisset Producer and Cast

  16. Photo of John F. Burnett

    John F. Burnett Editing

  17. Photo of C. Darin Knight

    C. Darin Knight Sound