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  1. Photo of Pasquale Festa Campanile

    Pasquale Festa Campanile Director

  2. Photo of Renato Pozzetto

    Renato Pozzetto Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ornella Muti

    Ornella Muti Cast

  4. Photo of Piero Mazzarella

    Piero Mazzarella Cast

  5. Photo of Patrizia Fontana

    Patrizia Fontana Cast

  6. Photo of Nanni Svampa

    Nanni Svampa Cast

  7. Photo of Ugo Gregoretti

    Ugo Gregoretti Cast

  8. Photo of Antonio Marsina

    Antonio Marsina Cast

  9. Photo of Giulio Massimini

    Giulio Massimini Cast

  10. Photo of Massimo Buscemi

    Massimo Buscemi Cast

  11. Photo of Corrado Olmi

    Corrado Olmi Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriele Tozzi

    Gabriele Tozzi Cast

  13. Photo of Mila Stanic

    Mila Stanic Cast

  14. Photo of Georgio Serafini

    Georgio Serafini Cast

  15. Photo of Bruno Rosa

    Bruno Rosa Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Maria Natalini

    Anna Maria Natalini Cast

  17. Photo of Massimo Mirani

    Massimo Mirani Cast

  18. Photo of Amedeo Merli

    Amedeo Merli Cast

  19. Photo of Italo Colini

    Italo Colini Cast

  20. Photo of Dino Cassio

    Dino Cassio Cast

  21. Photo of Franco Di Giacomo

    Franco Di Giacomo Cinematography

  22. Photo of Stelvio Cipriani

    Stelvio Cipriani Music

  23. Photo of Ezio Altieri

    Ezio Altieri Production Design

  24. Photo of Achille Manzotti

    Achille Manzotti Producer

  25. Photo of Luciano Luna

    Luciano Luna Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Amedeo Salfa

    Amedeo Salfa Editing