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  1. Photo of Arne Mattsson

    Arne Mattsson Director

  2. Photo of Folke Mellvig

    Folke Mellvig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lars Widding

    Lars Widding Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gunnel Broström

    Gunnel Broström Cast

  5. Photo of Bengt Brunskog

    Bengt Brunskog Cast

  6. Photo of Gio Petré

    Gio Petré Cast

  7. Photo of Björn Bjelvenstam

    Björn Bjelvenstam Cast

  8. Photo of Mona Malm

    Mona Malm Cast

  9. Photo of Erik Hell

    Erik Hell Cast

  10. Photo of Lena Granhagen

    Lena Granhagen Cast

  11. Photo of Nils Hallberg

    Nils Hallberg Cast

  12. Photo of Lauritz Falk

    Lauritz Falk Cast

  13. Photo of Kotti Chave

    Kotti Chave Cast

  14. Photo of Tommy Nilsson

    Tommy Nilsson Cast

  15. Photo of Lennart Lindberg

    Lennart Lindberg Cast

  16. Photo of Hilding Bladh

    Hilding Bladh Cinematography

  17. Photo of Torbjörn Lundquist

    Torbjörn Lundquist Music

  18. Photo of Bibi Lindström

    Bibi Lindström Production Design

  19. Photo of Rune Waldekranz

    Rune Waldekranz Producer

  20. Photo of Lennart Wallén

    Lennart Wallén Editing